Church Services are a vital part of discipleship – allowing us to worship, learn and pray as a whole community.  However, there are some things that are best done in smaller groups: like sharing needs, asking questions and building friendships.  For that reason, we encourage everyone in our congregations to be part of a small group. We call them Connect Groups.

They meet weekly or fortnightly and are a mixture of Bible Study, Friendship and Prayer.

You can sign up using the links below or using the MyChurchSuite phone app. If you are a church member and don’t have the phone app, ask the office to sign you up.

If you can’t make a regular time or prefer smaller groups, look at the “Micro Connect Group” leaflets. 


Occasionally groups meet online, but normally they meet either weekly or fortnightly in someone’s home.  Currently there are nine groups. Some are on Tuesday and Wednesday evening with daytime groups on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. You can see the full list below or on the church foyer noticeboard .

If you can’t make a regular time or just prefer a smaller group, look at the “Micro Connect Groups 1” leaflet.

We summarise the different aspects of Connect Groups with the words  UP, IN & OUT.

  • UP         Growing in your relationship with God through bible study, prayer and worship.
  • IN          Getting to know a few people in church well.      
  • OUT      Doing things together for the benefit of others.


Download a leaflet explaining how our Connect Group work by clicking on the button. 

Our current groups are listed below. If you click on a group you can find out more details and apply to join online.
If you are not sure which group would be best for you, fill in the leaflet and hand it to the clergy who will advise.
All this information is also displayed on the notice boards in the church foyer.


Micro Groups consist of three or four Christians who meet to encourage one another in their path of discipleship.

They can be helpful for those whose lifestyle means that they cannot get to a normal Connect Group at the same time each week. With only three people it is possible to get diaries out and fix the next meeting time each time you get together.

Because they are smaller, they can also be places of honest sharing which can be helpful for anyone who wants to go deeper in their relationship with Christ.

Download a leaflet explaining how Micro Groups work by clicking on the button. 



Thursday Fellowship was a pioneer of small groups for spiritual growth and in 2024 will celebrate its 100th anniversary. It meets twice a month at 1.45pm on Thursday afternoons in the church centre. See the church calendar for dates. 


The Mother’s Union is a global organisation – see HERE.  Our branch meets once per month on Mondays at 1pm. See the church calendar for dates.