Christians have always been at the forefront of serving our communities.  Our activities range from Make Lunch Holiday Hunger Project to Senior’s Drop-ins, from Warm Spaces to a Toddler Group, as well as mission partnerships with external agencies. We have a particular link with Casa-Reom Orphanage and School in Mozambique. 

We partner with other churches in Rugby to support Hope4, Rugby Foodbank, Christians Against Poverty, Youth for Christ, Street Pastors, Gift of Years and more.


Make Lunch is a lunch club which meets in school holidays providing meals for families ‘to fill the holiday hunger gap’. We work closely with the Holiday Activities Fund (HAF) set up by the government to support the most vulnerable families in our community. We also get our funding from other sources including major supermarket chains and other charitable organisations.

Our volunteer team, drawn from churches in the Rugby area and from the wider community, provides healthy meals and fun activities twice a week in the main school holidays (summer, Christmas and Easter).  As well as outdoor games, on some days, everyone makes their own pudding or part of their meal.  The photos show some of the delicious fruit desserts and other activities we have enjoyed.

Getting together is also about supporting families socially. We have been described as a ‘lifeline’ for some adults as well as for their children. At the heart of what we do is community and building relationships whilst sharing God’s love.

We have a new venture called ‘Let’s Make Lunch’. This supports families during term time by providing practical cooking sessions specifically thinking about cooking and feeding a family on a budget. We then sit, eat and share with the families.

If you would like more information and/or want to join our team then please email: or talk to Alex Norton, Susan Sydenham or Nicola Townsend Kennedy.


Relaxed, ‘café style’ classes where you can learn the basics of English and practise your conversation skills.

Tuesdays 1.30pm-3.00pm in term time at St Oswald’s. 

It is FREE – and you do not need to book – just turn up
and join in.